Crying Suns Demo Released for Switch

Crying Suns

Humble Games and Alt Shift Studio have announced the release of a new Crying Suns demo for Nintendo Switch. This allows players to explore the game ahead of purchasing it, though the details are unclear if demo progress is saved in the full version of the game. Those who opt to purchase the game can do so via the Nintendo eShop for a sweet 20% off through July 22nd.

The game is a narrative and tactical game putting players in the role of Ellys Idaho, a space fleet commander, exploring a mysteriously fallen empire. In this roguelite-structured experience, deeply inspired by science-fiction classics as Dune or Foundation, but also Battlestar Galactica, each successful run progressively uncovers the truth about the underlying post-apocalyptic story. Players encounter several gameplay phases such as story events in which choices can have positive or negative consequences, planets exploration for resources, and tactical fights between space fleets.

Key features include:

  • Space exploration throughout a procedurally-generated universe
  • Tactical fights between battleships and squadron fleets
  • 300 possible story events including a 6-chapter structured story
  • A dark game world inspired by classic sci-fi universes

Check out the Crying Suns Nintendo eShop page for more details or to download the demo.

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