Curse of the Dead Gods – The Armory Update Trailer

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Passtech Games have released a major content update for roguelike game Curse of the Dead Gods. To celebrate the occasion, the team also released the special trailer you can find above!

This update brings you new fighting styles, new weapons, a new element as well as the possibility to choose your starting weapons!

The Armory: New upgrade tab in the Underworld:

  • Unlock new weapons to find them in all your next explorations!
  • All weapons from the game have been separated into two categories: a starting selection matching all the default weapons you can find in the Temple, and a selection of weapons to unlock in the Underworld
  • When you unlock a new weapon, it can appear in any of your future explorations
  • Champions’ weapons have to be unveiled first: unlocking them in the Underworld will give you a chance to find them in weapon Sanctuaries

Weapons altars: New game mechanic

  • You’ll now find in the Main Hall some weapon altars that will offer you different equippable weapons before each exploration!
  • A new upgrade tab appears in the Underworld: Restore weapon altars to expand your starting weapon choices and upgrade them to increase their quality
  • Choices offered by weapon altars are renewed after each exploration or when you upgrade the altars in the Underworld

New element: Lightning

  • Lightning completes the trinity of elements alongside fire and poison!
  • Lightning weapons apply an “electrified” status to hit enemies
  • Final attacks with lightning weapons trigger a lightning bolt, which will strike all surrounding electrified enemies (each lightning bolt inflicts 50% of the final attack’s damage).
  • Entities struck by lightning are also set on fire
  •  New weapon affixes and relics related to lightning and new weapon styles have been added
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