Dead by Daylight Team Peeks at Horrifying Halloween Happenings in New Roadmap

Dead by Daylight Team Peeks at Horrifying Halloween Happenings in New Roadmap

Dead by Daylight is probably one of the best games to give players horrifying Halloween happenings, and 2023 is no different. Behaviour Interactive has announced “Haunted by Daylight,” an event that sends players into the Void to participate in never-ending trials. This is, according to the team, “the unmissable in-game” event of the year that’s bigger than ever before.

During the event, players need to be on their toes as there will be jump scares galore thanks to Void Zones, “new terrifying gates to a mysterious Realm where the Entity’s victims — or haunts — are dismissed and waiting to be released.” Players will have to face off against these Haunts for the first time ever in DbD.

To provide players with information about how the event will play out in the coming weeks, Behaviour devs released a new roadmap with more details.

Dead by Daylight Halloween 2023 In addition, the team prepped a 28-second video that illustrates the horrors that await.

Calendar of events

  • October 11: Tome 17: COMMITMENT is released, featuring new Outfits for The Oni, Feng Min, The Dredge, Adam Francis, and much more. Not only that, but there’s plenty of Charms to unlock and memories for The Oni and Feng Min.
  • October 13: A few days before Haunted by Daylight, we’ll be hosting a jam-packed livestream highlighting everything you can expect from our scariest event yet. Not only that, but we’ve arranged for an epic surprise that will explore the world of Dead by Daylight like never before.
  • October 18: Haunted by Daylight returns, bringing a new Event Tome, the unsettling Void Realm, and plenty of tricks and treats to uncover. For the duration of the Event, we’ll also be running daily rewards until November 6th, so don’t miss out. Need a costume? We’ve got several Cosmetic Collections releasing just in time for Halloween: Void Touched, Tricks and Treats, and the return of all previous Halloween Outfits.
  • October 24: Nothing can stop The Blight from concocting his sinister experiments. The Hallowed Blight Collection returns with new Outfits for The Xenomorph, The Onryō, and Yoichi Asakawa.

Learn more by visiting the Dead by Daylight official site.

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