Descenders is Out Now On PlayStation 4

descenders Playstation 4

Get on yer bike and stay indoors. Don’t worry, it is not another piece of unusual government advice. Descenders is out now on Playstation 4.

Launched today, and available now via the PlayStation Store, Descenders describes itself as extreme procedural freeriding. For the rest of us, that means railing face-first down a challenging mountain trail where no turn is ever quite what you expect it to be. Developed by Ragesquid and published by No More Robots, Descenders puts players in the pedals of a modern mountain bike and pushes them into a procedurally generated series of procedurally generated worlds where mistakes have consequences.

I Want To Ride My…

Taking human-powered momentum out of the urban jungle and into the rugged countryside, Descenders sweeps across the countryside, pushing riders over jumps, slopes, and hill bombs and pulling off some stylish tricks. While you control every movement of your bike, the game’s in-depth physics engine provides plenty of opportunities to pull off sick wheelies and awesome 360 flips, hopefully without crashing down the mountain. Besides looking cool, you’ll also be able to race to victory across a single-player campaign and online multiplayer too.

After launching on PC and Xbox One back in May 2019, Descenders is now freewheeling onto PlayStation. It is available now, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers. You’ll get all the fast-paced action of extreme biking without having to take on a single serious fall, or ever risk going outdoors. Also, the soundtrack is chocked full of drum & bass, just to keep you cycling at your peak. Check out more over at the Descenders website or have a peek at our first impressions from the PC launch here at Gamespace.

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