Destiny 2 Beyond Light Weapons & Gear Trailer

Bungie is ramping up the excitement for next month’s release of the next expansion to Destiny 2. When Beyond Light arrives on November 10th, players will be able to collect all-new weapons and gear, both of which shine in the brand new trailer released by developers.

New gear items are part of the “Golden Age” tech that can be found beneath the frozen surface of Europa. The trailer shows four different weapons and a half-dozen armor items, two for each game class.

Exotic Weapons

  • Exotic Pulse Rifle: No Time to Explain*
  • Exotic Sniper Rifle: Cloudstrike
  • Exotic Sword: The Lament
  • Exotic Grenade Launcher: Salvation’s Grip

Exotic Armor

  • Titan Exotic Helmet: Precious Scars
  • Titan Exotic Gauntlets: Icefall Mantle
  • Hunter Exotic Gauntlets: Arthrys’s Embrace
  • Hunter Exotic Helmet: Mask of Bakris
  • Warlock Exotic Helmet: Dawn Chorus
  • Warlock Exotic Gauntlets: Necrotic Grip

According to developers, there will be many other items for players to find including “weapons, armor, and accessories to suit every player’s style”.

Check out the Destiny 2 official site to learn more about Beyond Light.

About Destiny 2 Beyond Light

A desolate wasteland where every gust of frozen wind whispers long-lost secrets and further buries the mysteries beneath your feet. You arrive on the heels of a dark empire that grows in power. Stand against the blizzard and press on, Guardian. Eramis must be stopped.

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