Diablo Immortal Gets New Activity: Fishing

Diablo Immortal Gets New Activity Fishing

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has taken to the official site of mobile RPG Diablo Immortal to reveal all the new goodness that has arrived in the game after the latest update. Among other new additions, Immortal got 36 new legendary items, Rune System rework, Normal Gem drop update, new Normal Gem attribute and a brand-new activity: Fishing.

The developers have recognized that the current Rune system left players with bags full of excess Runes that they would likely never be able to use. The reworked system featured the new streamlined process that will alleviate the pain points from the previous system and provide everyone with increased Gem Power rewards.

On the other hand, the Normal Gems were rather scarce. So the developers are providing additional ways to obtain both Bound and Unbound Normal Gems. The goal is to provide more Normal Gems that can potentially be sold in Wynton’s Grand Market. They are placed inside Hidden Lairs to also increase the replayability of Hidden Lairs and Wilderness exploration while reaching that goal.

This brings us to fishing! Starting at Level 43, you can travel to the noxious marshes of Bilefen to begin The Greatest Pastime quest. This quest will start you on your path to becoming the best angler Sanctuary has seen, and most importantly, provide you with a fishing rod. Once you have compelted the quest, you can start fishing within the designated Fishing spots.

“Because Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG, we have a unique opportunity to explore the world of Sanctuary through a new lens. Fishing is our first step towards adding immersive world-based experiences that bring combat-less gameplay with social touches. Our goal was to provide a relaxing activity for Players who have achieved their personal character power goals for the day but aren’t ready to log off—you still want to be part of the world of Sanctuary. There’s a light-touch skill component to catching fish, and you can earn bragging rights for reeling in the biggest fish on Sanctuary.”

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