Diablo IV – Blizzard Rolled Out Patch Notes for November 7

Diablo IV - Blizzard Rolled Out Patch Notes for November 7

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has taken to the official site to share the patch notes for the upcoming Diablo IV build 1.2.2 that lands on all platforms on November 7th. The patch will add new gameplay feature, the Malignant Rings, introduce some changes to the Season of Blood and further work on bug fixes.

In the Season of Blood, join forces with the Vampire Hunters, infuse your armour with Pacts, and embrace your newfound Vampiric Powers to thwart the crimson tide in a new seasonal storyline. Fight back against the vampiric invasion and stop the Vampire Lord Zir’s ascension with the help of new gameplay customisation options, including 10 new Paragon Glyphs, 12 unique items, and 7 new Legendary Aspects.

Follow the link above to see the full list of changes or check out some additions down below:

  • Malignant Rings – Five new Unique Rings have been added to the game, one for each class. These are based on popular Malignant Powers from Season of the Malignant, and are immediately available in both Seasonal and Eternal realms.
  • Season of Blood received adjustments to the Sanguine Battery Event.
  • Fixed an issue where Metamorphosis would not trigger temporary movement speed bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hectic Vampiric Power did not reduce the cooldown of skills with charges.
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade button for Vampiric Powers could be interacted with when there are no new powers available, wasting 25 Potent Blood.
  • Fixed an issue where Lord Zir could not respawn if the player re-entered the boss arena too quickly after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where Evade and non-damaging Skills could trigger Hemomancy.
  • Fixed multiple instances where the quest marker could disappear when leaving the area during multiple quests.
  • Fixed an issue where achievements related to the Hatred’s Chosen buff could not trigger appropriately.
  • Various visual, performance, and stability improvements.

Diablo IV at BlizzCon 2023:

The developers of Diablo IV have been on hand during the BlizzCon 2023. Players received a glimpse of some great things to come! From some more immediate changes to the reveal of the next expac in the line.

Saviors of Sanctuary will be able to participate in the Abbatoir of Zir. It is a new endgame pinnacle dungeon event meant to test your mettle. It is a race against the clock only meant for those who have completed the Season Journey.

Additionally, Vessel of Hatred, Diablo IV’s first expansion, is coming in late 2024. It will continue the dark tale of Diablo IV, explore the fate of Mephisto, and introduce a new region. More info will come this summer, so stay tuned!

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