Reverse: 1999 Shared Version 1.1 Trailer – The Theft of The Rimet Cup

The developers of time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 have shared a new trailer to reveal Version 1.1: The Theft of The Rimet Cup. The new update promises more content when it rolls out to PC and mobile devices on November 9th.

The team already introduced Melania – to her, thievery is like solving a puzzle, and that is exactly what she’s great at. And this night will be no different. It will go exactly as she planned, not one thing more, not one thing less.

“The hall of the Rimet Cup Exhibition has seen many sensational news stories today. There were the rampaging rock pirate, the spotlight-seeking artist, the solitude-craving border collie … and the Great Thief and her dramatic entrance.”

About Reverse: 1999

It was 23:59. December 31, 1999. Out of the gap between the two centuries, a “Storm” poured upwards to the sky. The next second, all the parties, neon signs, and late night buses faded away. The world returned to a strange old era.

This young girl, the “Timekeeper,” the only one immune to the Storm, has witnessed the beginnings and ends of countless eras. During her time travel, she makes friends with arcanists from different times and countries and then guides them … to escape the “Storm.”

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