Genshin Impact – Check Out Furina Character Teaser ‘Member of the Cast’

With Genshin Impact Version 4.2 almost upon us like the great flood of the prophecy, it’s time to get ready! Developer HoYoverse continues to introduce players to the new additions of the patch, including the long-awaited arrival of the Hydro Archon Furina.

“In real life, we’ve all seen flowers wilt, been caught out in the rain, and heard of ships being lost without a trace… But despite all this, there’s something that I am convinced is still worth believing — That, at least on the stage, people’s fate is in their own hands.”

Furina is a character that uses the entire party’s HP to unleash attacks. She can use her Charged Attack to change her Arkhe and, at intervals, her Normal Attacks deal the corresponding Pneuma or Ousia-aligned Hydro damage.

Her Elemental Skill summons either the Salon Members or the Singer of Many Waters based on her current Arkhe. The former fight alongside the active character and, upon attacking, consume character HP to increase the damage dealt. The latter continuously heals nearby characters.

Her Elemental Burst causes the whole party to enter the Universal Revelry state. In this state, Furina gains Fanfare when character HP increases or decreases, increasing the Damage dealt and Healing Bonus of all nearby party members.

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