DMC HD Collection & Dante Joins Monster Hunter World

Previously Capcom has teased the upcoming Devil May Cry (DMC) HD Collection that features the first three games in one of the best action series ever coming with enhanced graphics and extreme 60 FPS combat.

Since his debut back in 2001, Dante swiftly became a gaming icon, representing fun and challenging combat coated in a layer of stylish moves and crazy acrobatics that make you look like an absolute badass. We’re talking juggling enemies in the air with handgun bullets and even riding them around like skateboards. It’s that stylish potential that has drawn in and captivated fans worldwide; after all, who doesn’t like looking super cool?

To celebrate the launch of the HD Collection on the PC, Xbox One and PS4, the company has released a new trailer you can find above.

If that isn’t enough DMC goodness for you, Dante is going to join Aloy in Monster Hunter: World and show off the skills he learned while chasing demons.

You can find out more on the official site.

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