Double Trouble DLC Arrives for Wargroove PS4

PlayStation 4 Wargroove players have a brand new, free DLC called Double Trouble to explore. The update has been available on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch since early 2020 with PS4 players having to wait a number of months to get their hands on it. Double Trouble adds co-op gameplay as well as an all-new story campaign, three new Commanders, a pair of new units, new arcade missions, a volcano map theme, and new music alongside the usual bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and feature enhancements.

Most notably, the addition of Double Trouble means that full cross-play is finally available. Players can team up with others regardless of what platform they’re playing the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

“We’re very happy to finally complete our vision of one big happy Wargroove community as PS4 Wargroove players can now play with those on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC! From the very beginning, we knew that the multiplayer aspect of Wargroove was a huge part of the experience and that it made the game very suitable for cross-play amongst all platforms. This became even more important with the release of Double Trouble and its co-op campaign, and we felt that it wouldn’t be right to bring it to the platform without cross-play support. Our thanks to the Blitworks team who has been working on bringing the DLC to PS4. Thanks for your patience, and hope you’ll have fun!” the development team wrote.

Check out the Wargroove official site to learn more.

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