Drifting Lands Hybrid ARPG Shoots for Full Steam Release on June 5th

Drifting Lands

Alkemi Games is ready to unleash Drifting Lands into full release on Steam. The release date is scheduled for June 5th for both PC and Mac systems for $18.99.

Drifting Lands the Hybrid ARPG Shoot ‘Em Up

According to developers, the game is like Diablo without the clicking. It is a side-scrolling world that is focused on the action part of ARPG.

Players experience a number of neat features including randomly generated missions with a hundred levels to achieve.

Players will also find other features including:

  • 70 active and passive skills
  • lots of items with ways to modify and optimize each
  • three unique ship classes

Developers are also keen to point out that this is not your standard “boring heroic fantasy universe”.

If you’d like to know more, you can check out the Steam site in order to see if it’s the game for you. Look for it on June 5th.

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