E3 Tickets go public for the first time ever

e3 west hall - No E3 Press Conference for Nintendo

That’s right, folks. If you’ve always wanted to stand in line for hours like we do every year at E3, 2017 will be the chance you’ve been waiting for. For the first time in the show’s history, tickets are going on sale to the general public.

Per our source and buddies at Polygon:

Starting on Feb. 13, the Entertainment Software Association will open sales on 15,000 tickets to consumers. The first 1,000 of those tickets will sell for $149 each, the rest will sell for $249. All tickets are for all three days of the show and grant the owner full access to the show floor.

Our thoughts on e3 tickets?

They’ll be going on sale at the ESA’s official website, but frankly? I’d suggest you stick with PAX and GenCon. The lines at those shows are nuts, but they’re nothing compared to the worldwide media rush that happens at E3 every year. Add in 15,000 fans, and lines will not be short. You’ll be lucky to take in a game or two, much less find a hotel or AirBNB. Additionally, streamers and content creators will now be added as media this year, so there’s more people to contend with.  For real, you’d be better off watching on Twitch from home.

Anyway, if you’re really dead set on going, the sale begins February 13th. Godspeed to you all!


  1. Unless you need to walk the floor, which can be fun, you are better of staying away. Probably healthier too. All the good stuff goes on behind closed doors anyway and you still won’t be able to see that.

  2. Yep, and there are plenty of games that play more fun than real life Standing in Line Simulator.

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