Earl vs Mutants Combines Mad Max with Vampire Survivors

Earl vs the Mutants Combines Mad Max with Vampire Survivors

Falling State Inc. has announced that its top-down survival roguelite Earl vs Mutants now lets players “try before buying” thanks to the release of a new demo. Potential mutant hunters can download the demo and get a taste for the game that is said to combine the vehicular mayhem of Mad Max with elements of Vampire Survivors. Players will need to have their wits about them in order to survive never-ending waves of mutants.

To showcase the action, developers have released a new high-octane trailer with tons of rip-roaring destruction and mutant murder.

Players take on the role of Earl, the sole employee of Edna’s Pest Control. The business took on a new role after a nuclear apocalypse, but that hasn’t stopped Earl from continuing his streak of 37 consecutive Employee of the Month recognitions. Now instead of killing insects, Earl has a new mission: Eradicate the Mutants!

Features include

  • QUICK RUNS: Enjoy casual gameplay with runs averaging 10 minutes
  • DYNAMIC BUILDS: Each attempt is different, powered by an expanding list of in-run upgrades
  • PROGRESSION: Make progress across runs via unlocked vehicles and stat-based permanent upgrades
  • VEHICLE COMBAT: Move FAST and crash into mutants head on! Colliding with enemies is half the fun, not something to be avoided
  • 3D ENVIRONMENTS: Navigate the 3D terrains strategically, using the elevation to jump over enemies and hide behind mountains
  • BOSS BATTLES: Survive an onslaught of mutant waves, then face off against their formidable bosses

Check out the Earl vs Mutants Steam page for all the gory details and to download the new demo.

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