Grab a Sunshine-y Tracksuit in GTA Online

GTA Online

This week is another big one in GTA Online with lots to do, big discounts to leverage, and even a free bright yellow sports tracksuit just for checking in. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for players.

Business Battles have been overhauled and bring even more lucrative rewards to players this week. Players can group up for a cooperative assault on an aircraft carrier and/or fight through one of several factories in order to bring home some sweet, sweet loot. In addition, there are opportunities for the eagle-eyed with vulnerable cargo in and around Los Santos that needs a new home. Completing any Business Battle will see players bring home double rewards.

Players will want to set up a Casino Heist and then work their way to The Diamond’s vault where a brand new shipment of gems has arrived. The best among players has a chance to “walk away with a windfall of pressurized carbon”.

Land Grab activities will net players double GTA$ and RP throughout the week. “In this brutal cyber-space, every minute counts. Occupy as many zones as you can before the clock runs down. Armed opposition will resists, though so keep your wits about you and your finger on the trigger.”

Every GTAO player logging in this week will receive the “dashing” Lemon Sports Tracksuit that includes both Pants and Top. This is a free gift just for checking in.

Of course, players will want to check in at The Diamond Casino and Resort for a chance to drive away with the Inuetero Coquette, one among many prizes available for a spin of the Lucky Wheel.

Lastly, there are sweet discounts on Bunkers and Bunker Modifications, and on a number of vehicles too.

Check out the GTA Online official site to learn more.

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