Endless Legend Is Free To Play

endless legend free

Endless Legend, the massive 4X Strategy game form the creators of Endless Space is completely and utterly free on Steam right now.

Developer Amplitude dropped the price of this well-received strategy title just yesterday to a whopping zero dollars on Steam. Head over to the official Steam Store page now and you’ll find that you can pick up Endless Legend for naught between now and 30 March. While it comes in at a stellar price right now, we can fully expect the cost to go back up after the end of March and the current offer is only valid during this period. Thankfully, anybody who wants to continue to dominate the galaxy can pick up Endless Legend – Emperor Edition is on sale for $7.50/£6/€7.50,  which is all of 75 percent less than the regular price until March 30.

Strategic Timing

The timing of this reduction is, admittedly, taking advantage of all our ongoing isolation but it’s a pretty good offer for anybody who hasn’t picked up the title already. It is also a response to a surge in interest in Amplitude’s upcoming title, Humankind.

“We understand why lots of our players have reached out to us wanting to play our upcoming historical strategy title Humankind — and as much as we wish it was ready for you guys, it’s still a bit too early.”

Endless Legend takes place on the mystical world of Auriga, a slowly dying planet in the grip of increasingly cold winters. Choosing a faction, players fight for dominance using units, abilities, and terrain to overcome opponents. Civilizations rise and crumble, each with their own unique properties and friendships can sometimes be a little strained when you bring their society to its knees.

Pick up Endless Legend for free and be part of the grand strategy for free between now and the end of March on the official Steam Store page.

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