Age of Wonders Planetfall INVASIONS - Release Trailer

Age of Wonders: Planetfall INVASIONS – Release Trailer

Invasions is the latest expansion to 4X strategy Age of Wonders: Planetfall that introduces a new playable faction, expanded worlds, unique and creative challenges, and alternate playstyles. In the st...

Epic Games Store Gives Away Civilization VI For a Limited Time

Epic Games Store Gives Away Civilization VI For a Limited Time

Following the unexpected but very welcomed giveaway of GTAV, Epic Games Store is back with another amazing game you can claim for a limited time. This time players can get their hands on Sid MeierR...

Old World - 4X Strategy in Epic Games Store

Old World – 4X Strategy in Epic Games Store

Developed and published by Mohawk Games, Old World is a 4X turn-based strategy previously known as 10 Crowns. It is due to launch into Early Access on the Epic Games Store in Summer 2020 with pre-orde...

master of orion free

Master Of Orion Is Free For World Of Tanks players

Master of Orion, a massive 4X strategy title from NGD Studios, is free for World of Tanks players and you’ll just have to blow something up to get it. Wargaming, the studio behind the online tank titl...

Empires in Ruins Preview

Empires in Ruins by Hammer&Ravens is described by the developers as “a bastard child of 4X and Tower defense”, although I’d add a healthy dose of city-management and narrative ad...

endless legend free

Endless Legend Is Free To Play

Endless Legend, the massive 4X Strategy game form the creators of Endless Space is completely and utterly free on Steam right now. Developer Amplitude dropped the price of this well-received strategy ...

Galactic Civilizations III

Play Galactic Civilizations III for free on Steam this weekend

If you’ve been on the fence about buying Galactic Civilizations III, this weekend is your huckleberry. Stardock has announced that the game is free to play on Steam from today through August 19t...


Age of Wonders: Planetfall – XCOM Meets Civilization

Whenever I pick up a 4X style game a serious feeling of dread flows over me. A feeling of dread brought on by the simple knowledge that I’m about to sink a lot of time into a game. Playing games like ...

7.5 Good
Age of Wonders 3

Age Of Wonders 3 is Free On Steam NOW!

Age Of Wonders 3 has just gone free on Steam. If you haven’t tried this 4x Strategy yet, now is the perfect time to get into the game and build an empire. Before the New Frontier In anticipation of th...

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