Endless Space 2 Releases 9 Free Digital Comic Books on Steam

Endless Space 2 Stories

Game decision paralysis got you down? Staring at those big long books on your shelf wanting to read something but not wanting to commit to the hours? Maybe just some springtime reading material? Well, you’re in luck! Amplitude Studio, the guys who brought you Endless Space 2, have released wonderfully illustrated digitals comic books – the Endless Space 2 Stories (talk about your clever names).

The stories give the readers a chance to take a deeper look into the various factions of the Endless universe, from empire-spanning intrigues to intimate looks at the lives of Endless characters.  Will Zoyla manage to defend the last of her people? Will Horatio execute his perfect plan? Will Romeo declare his love for Juliet despite their family feud!? (Okay I added that last one in there)

In addition to the comics, a “Making of the Comics” video was also released that offers an inside look into life at Amplitude Studios and their process for making the comics.  You can find it both here and at the end of this article.

A compilation of the comics, including an exclusive 9th Unfallen comic, will be available for free on Steam to Endless Space 2 owners starting April 26th at 17:00 BST. And for everyone else, check out the individual Endless Space 2 stories free via the Endless Space 2 wiki.

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