Epic Games Store Outlines Social Update

Epic Games Store Outlines Social Update

Epic Games Store shared a new blog post, outlining what is changing, what’s launching now and what’s around the corner, in particular, what awaits features such as Wishlists, Achievements and the upcoming rehaul of the Social Panel.

This month, users of EGS can look forward to Player Cards, Improved Search feature, Minimized View, Do Not Disturb mode and whispers.

More updates will be coming soon.

One of the main priorities of the platform is transforming into a place where you can connect with your friends across platforms, effortlessly join parties and voice chats and play games without missing a beat. That’s where the Party System comes in:

  • Party System Intro
    In the future, the Epic Games Launcher will feature a new party system that enables players to group together and communicate via voice, text, and more. You’ll drop in or drop out at any point of a party experience with shared controls among all teammates. Talk to your friends and teammates whether you are playing a game or hanging out while searching for a new game to play together.
  • Party Window
    The Party System coming soon will feature an “Active Party Window”, a dedicated window for the Party you are actively engaging in. In this window you’ll have a host of options with your friends and teammates to communicate and play. Share your latest highlights to convince your friends to play a game with you or kick off a match with only a few friends in the group while being able to continue talking to your entire Party.
  • Drop In / Drop Out Parties
    There will be no single owner of the party, so if a friend needs to head offline, the remainder of the Party will continue on. Inside the window, each party member will have control of their own audio and video options. You can also invite other players and lock the party.
  • Continue the Party In-Game
    The addition of the Party Window will also feature In-Game Party Representation. A simplified view of the party will be toggleable while in-game, showing party members and their status.

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