Everything is for Humanity PC Review

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Everything is for Humanity

Today, the research center for everything for humanity opens its doors to us. Oh, if I had even the slightest idea of ​​what could happen in this complex …

What kind of game is it?

Everything Is For Humanity is a psychological horror and horror game that explores escape and offers psychological horror and more horror. The storyline is the main focus of the game, then goes from room to room where players will face simple tasks within the linear flow of this game, and then proceed further to the next room.

Manufacturers and what’s going on

First release for Vanquisher Games, an indie developer based in Istanbul, Turkey. This is serious sci-fi horror. In this underground science center, a scientist named Dr. Geoffrey has succeeded in creating synthetic brains as well as these synthetic bodies. And now he has set about developing an artificial intelligence called SynOS to take advantage of these new discoveries. We play as one of the developers of this thing.

In a short time, the project was supported by many prominent businessmen and the government. We will play as the leader of a team in charge of software development. You will learn about a synthetic creator who has been misused and wants to create a superior human species. Are you able to escape? You can also try to stop him.

Everything is for Humanity 1

Everything Is For Humanity looks really good and also gives a very nice underground lab vibe. There is a good mix of puzzles and exploration, and none of the puzzles are overly difficult. Not to mention the decent amount of enemies you will encounter. Grotesque monsters and humanoid artificial intelligence, and much more.

As in other games of this category, hide and seek is waiting for us, if the monsters touch you all, the game is over.

All the action of the game takes place in 2020 in a large scientific complex. This is only a tiny part of the object above the ground. The Earth is an underground area that players will explore. Players will also explore new areas and witness supernatural phenomena.

Everything is for Humanity 2

Is it a horrifying game?

If you just love horror, there are a few jump scares out there. They are good enough to scare. Avoiding threats adds pressure, but hitting them shows off a horrible animation that makes them a lot less scary. While the setting is adequate, the level design doesn’t add any horror, even in dreams, so fears are either cheap or non-existent. Fear rating 4/10.

Everything is for Humanity 3

Level design and mechanics

First of all, I would like to touch on section designs. Again, this is not bad work for an independent production, but it can be developed further. But despite this, we can say that the guys did a good job. If a little twitching where there are too many lighting effects and particles.

As for the mechanics of the game. I found the game mechanics to be very enjoyable and easy to use. It is not difficult at all, they preferred a very convenient and simple control and they did it perfectly.

The game ends in about 1.5 hours. But if you are the type of person who says you look around a lot, then it can take 2-3 hours.

Future plans

The developers plan to add multiplayer soon. And what does it sound like interesting? But the fact that their first game is only 1.5 hours long, and doesn’t differ in anything that is entertaining, it will be entertaining to watch.

Everything is for Humanity took many pieces from successful horror games, Everything Is For Humanity is far from the best first-person dating game in this genre. The game doesn't have the best use of horror, and by far the best animations it breaks the atmosphere. The game does not provide memorable moments that you will remember when it comes to the scariest game you have ever played...
  • Interesting concept and history
  • Decent graphics
  • Price
  • Animations
  • Loading textures
  • Game duration

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