Eville Welcomes The Necromancer to Town

Eville, the social deduction game from Versus Evil, is about to breath some life into the local town with the Necromancer.

Announced last night and seemingly ready to go right now, the necromancer is a brand new way to play this horrific game of Guess Who. Dropping into Eville as a Conspirator Role character, this new player type will bring the power of life and death to the local village and further confuse the task of hunting down the ne’er-do-wells infesting your charming village.

The character dropped with a preview trailer, so you can get a good look at what’s coming to town. The Necromancer can use hordes of the undead to carry out mischievous machinations, wielding the Seed of the Undead ability to raise hordes form their slumber. These minions can guard a particular area, generally harass the living, but probably not pet the dog. Your Necromancer can, however, Summon Undead Dog to call a deceased doggo to help take down those who need to get in the ground. Thankfully, the more human residents of Eville can purchase a novel item to deal with the undead. Holy Water is available to throw it at a zombie and instantly destroy it.

While that’s not all that developer VestGames added in the latest update, the Necromancer adds a new angle to every turn in this multiplayer social deduction game. When you enter the once peaceful town of Eville, you’ll need to communicate with your team, place wards, traps, and use other clues to find the murderers hiding in plain sight. Inspired by social games like First Class Trouble or Among Us, this puts a fun twist on the genre with a mix of inventive classes. Be the ghost whisperer, seer, or detective as you hunt down the other team. You can check out more about this particular title over on the official website and visit this quaint homestead on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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