Elder Scrolls Online Is Not Coming to Nintendo Switch

Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls Online had been released in 2014 for PC, and in a year expanded to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, up till now the real question has been would ESO get ported to Nintendo Switch?

Apparently, no.  In a chat with GameSpot, game director Matt Firor told that ZeniMax Online Studios had considered the idea of bringing ESO’s to Nintendo’s hybrid console. However, the game’s gigantic size (about 75 GB) got in the way of it happening.

“We have thought about Switch but ESO is an enormous game, and it just will not work,” Firor said. “I would love for it to because I love Switch. It is one of the largest games ever made, and it just will not fit on Switch.”

While quite disappointing for Switch owners, at least there is nice looking Elder Scrolls Blades coming!

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