Face The Hidden Deep On Steam Early Access Today

The Hidden Deep plunges into Steam Early Access today where a cave of sub-sea terrors await.

80’s inspired horror comes claustrophobically close today as Daedalic Entertainment the publisher behind LOTR – Gollum,  unleashes a new terror on Steam Early Access today. Players old enough o remember The Abyss and Aliens inaugural outing will want to plunge into this brand new title as it takes shape. After initially running a successful beta test last year, The Hidden Deep will now invite players to head down into an abandoned research facility below the waves.

Submerged in the darkest parts of the ocean, this research, and mining facility, is now inhabited by aliens lifeforms. With no help easily at hand and no obvious route of escape, if things go wrong, it is up to players to command a team, suit up, and explore a 2D game world full of action, mystery, danger, and death.

Like any good horror movie, there are plenty of team members to be picked off one by one. Each individual will bring their own capabilities to this mission. There are plenty of tools on hand too. There’s a grappling hook that comes in handy when avoiding dangerous chasms and perilous drops while drones are a good way to map the space ahead. Of course, there are plenty of high explosives aborad for blasting through, because that seems like an excellent idea when several thousand leagues under the sea.

The story might owe plenty to the many classic movies of the 1980s such as Aliens, The Thing, Virus, and The Blob but it should entertain even at his early stage. Unfortunately, we’ve seen no sign of a P-5000 Powered Work Loader quite yet. You can find out more about this deep-sea adventure on the Hidden Deep on Steam (steampowered.com)page now.

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