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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many schools and universities have shifted to online education. Even though this was not the preferred way to get an education, it is the safest one for the time being. However, children have adapted easily to this new way of learning things and participate in classes. They are well adapted to using gadgets and technology, so from this point of view was a facile change.

Learning could happen in a context different from the school one. Games usually have a bad reputation, especially because they do not encourage children to move, but to be sedentary. On the other hand, they come with many benefits as well. They help children develop their skills, learn new things in a funny way, and study better. As writers from the UK Best Essays agree, there is a good selection of educational games that will help children to study. They need fascinating games to engage them in, so here is a list of a few of them.

My Word Coach

This is one of the games that help children expand their vocabulary. My Word Coach is a game that can be played on Nintendo and Wii, something kids will love. It has a collection of six games that aim to help children improve their vocabulary and verbal skills funnily. The game has a dictionary of about 17,000 words, so it will surely be one of the best games kids can play.

They are in a constant process of expanding their knowledge, so acquiring new ones in a funny way will be the easiest way to learn. Learning new words will help children express their ideas, feelings, and opinions better, agree writing experts who write my dissertation at a case study writing service.

My Word Coach

Reader Rabbit

Learning new words will empower children to read more diverse texts and books. So, why not put their reading skills to the test? Reader Rabbit is a funny game that has a wide variety of small games and quizzes with educational reading material. While children are having fun playing this game, they improve their reading and comprehension skills. On top of this, they are also expanding their knowledge because the topics and reading material are carefully chosen. You can find here games for every grade, so you have a wide variety of options.

Reader Rabbit

National Geographic Challenge

But besides their vocabulary and reading skills, children could also play an educational game that helps them improve their geography and biology skills. National Geographic Challenge is a nice game that makes children more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. This is a hot topic these days, especially because the effects of climate change and plastic pollution are more and more pressing and severe. It is a game that can be played on Xbox and it has a variety of games children can play. They can take quizzes, explore the world, or make puzzles. All these funnily and engagingly will expand children’s knowledge of the environment and the planet.

Natl Geographic Challenge

Little Big Planet 2

Little Big Planet 2 is one of the best educational games out there. Learning new things and developing new skills is something that happens along the way, while children are engaging in a creative and interesting game. This is a classic game of searching for clues or objects to help you solve a mystery or unlock the next part of the game. Exactly this is happening in Little Big Planet 2. Children have to navigate a landscape where they will find many objects. These objects will help them solve and complete some challenging puzzles. It is a game that can be used for the improvement of children’s problem-solving skills.


Magic School Bus Oceans

Magic School Bus Oceans is one of the most amazing games out there and kids will love it. It is a game that is relatable to them, especially because children have a rich imagination. There is this magic school bus that takes children on an adventure in the oceans of the world. Here, through a wide range of games and lessons, children will discover the creatures that live in the water, but also a lot of interesting facts about them.

Magic School Bus

Animal Genius

Children are fascinated by animals, especially because their diversity is so wide. There is a lot to be learned about this field, so why not do it in a funny and engaging way? Animal Genius is one of the best educational games that help children learn more about the animal kingdom, as well as their habits and particularities. Animal Genius can be played on Nintendo or PlayStation and it encompasses five games that will take children through an educational adventure in five habitats.

Animal Genius


Even though video games kind of have a bad reputation, mainly because they do not encourage children to be active, they come with many benefits as well. They can help children expand their knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, such as animals, science, environment, civilization, and many more. At the same time, they develop and improve their problem-solving and verbal communication skills. All these fascinating video games will help children to study better.

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