Playing Video Games Can Actually Help You Get a Better Job

Video Games

The next time you get scolded by your parent(s) for spending hours in front of the computer, TV, or mobile screen, show them this article. Sure, playing games all day on an electronic device may hamper creativity, or show significant health issues, but we are talking about a damn pandemic here. In such a case, it is sort of okay to do what makes you feel good and take some pressure away from staying cooped up all day, (almost) every day.

Enough has been told about the ill effects of playing games all day, but are you aware of all the good stuff that can come out of playing video games? Let me give you one instance – you could easily read online casino Australia reviews, play games, and build your bank balance. We all know that in the current decade, e-sports is the next big thing with all the new e-sporting tournaments but how is that relevant to getting a job? Just continue reading this article and we will tell you how.

Video Games Really Help Your Employability

If you are an amazing Fortnite or PUBG player, why do you not write it in your resume? The ‘awakening’ is a recent process but employers are actually opening their eyes to the skillset that gamers can bring. And, it is backed up by hard data as well. Starting from big corporations, to even the military is hiring people who are avid gamers.

The employers say that gaming builds up numerous soft skills which are crucial when it comes to certain job profiles, and thus, gamers make better employees/recruits as compared to people who do not play games. Apart from that, you could also easily earn from video games, like free online pokies that are all over the internet and have a fast payback. To learn more of it, let us break it down into four different points:

Video Games Can Be an Outlet When it Comes to Stress or Pain

Even before the pandemic began, almost everybody was suffering from stress due to work, deadlines, assignments, and so on. Thus, it is extremely important for people to look for certain outlets through which they can divert their focus from a workplace that is omnipresent.

People need to find out ways to de-stress, else they would only be walking on the road to burning out. Simple games such as Tetris might seem like a commuter’s game, but if we look at it closely, it can be seen as an effective distraction from trauma. Sure, distractions might be a negative association, but the falling blocks of Tetris almost act like a huge mental shutdown for people who have had a hectic day at work or school.

Moreover, these games assist memory. Gone are the days of yelling at a gamer because they forgot to put the chicken in the freezer. Nowadays, research has shown a significant boost in gamers’ memories. A study conducted at Cambridge University showed that playing a simple game such as Game Show helped train patients who showed early signs of Alzheimer’s. They found out that patients who had used the app had improved episodic memory, compared to people who hadn’t played the game. Even in RPG games, or games that are map-based, the players’ memories are built up when they recall a certain feature at a certain point in the map.

Gaming Chair

Video Games Help in a Significant Increase in Grey Matter

We spoke of aiding memory, so how can we ignore the overall development in the brain composition? It has been observed that e-sports make a remarkable improvement when it comes to the brain. Research has backed up the claim that gamers usually have an increased percentage of grey matter in the right hippocampus area along with the cerebellum and the right prefrontal cortex area. All the above areas usually oversee a human being’s spatial orientation, strategic planning, memory formation along with some really fine motor skills. Hence, you can tell your folks that playing Mario Kart is not just about saving a princess and collecting coins, the game is helping the player as well.

E-Sports Help in Improving Team-Building and Strategizing

In the above point, we saw how the grey matter of the brain increases, leading to effective strategizing and team building. All thanks to online multiplayer games, it massively aids the player’s skills to strategize and organize a team while playing in multiplayer. These skills should always be honed properly as teams are often built of players that are built across countries and continents. Gamers playing PUBG or other similar games talk to people across the globe who they haven’t ever met for the first time, and they are strategizing to survive through an intense moment of gameplay. This is the epitome of team building and strategic skills that one can possess, and this is the sort of soft skill that can aid corporates immensely.

Also, e-sports build better communicators. Video games have gotten a lot of bad rep with gamers termed to be people who are ‘shy’ or ‘unsocial’; people who are most likely keeping themselves cooped up in their room as a form of escapism. This is a huge cultural scam and it is not what gamers look like on average. People who play video games are more susceptible to making friends and building connections because they need to interact with people they hardly know, across the world.

Video Games Lead to Innovative Careers

E-sports is not a multi-billion dollar industry for no reason. You can lead to amazing careers that people haven’t even thought of even ten years back. For example, you can play pokies for free and build up your cash reserve. And this is an instance of e-sports and video gaming. Other than that, there is a lot of scopes to get your hands into the latest video game and make a name for yourself. Think in line with people such as Corpse Husband, who literally rose to fame all thanks to the hottest game of 2020- Among Us.

In Conclusion – Show This to Your Parents!

If your folks are still not convinced by you telling them the benefits to your employability, then just show them this article. We really hope that they would be convinced, otherwise, you could tell yourself that you are playing games to get a better job and to boost your employability! That being said, we hope that this article helped you in any way you were looking for. We do not condone cooping up in your room all day long and playing games while you ignore your responsibilities. Neither do we condone going through intense gameplay sessions with a terrible posture (keep your back straight!) or with no breaks in between.

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