Fortnite Fans Found A Hidden Castle in Reality Rift

Fortnite Hidden Castle Rift

Players of Epic’s Battle Royale Fortnite have come across a hidden castle like structure visible inside the reality rift portal beneath the Wailing Woods. Above you can see screenshot posted on Reddit by u/super_star_BETA that clearly shows castle walls, a couple of towers and a door. There are no reflections like this in the other rifts.

The opinions of the community have split. Other people like u/jmzofficial have posted their screenshots to prove that there is no structure and the reflection is simply an illusion based on the surroundings.

Finally, u/Besart17 posted a 9-second long video to show that the reflection of the castle is moving around the rift, making it more than a simple trick of the light.

What do you think? Could Epic Games be hiding a teaser to season 7 in plain sight? A snowy magical adventure to get players swept into Christmas mood?

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