Genshin Impact – Check Out Candace Collected Miscellany & 2nd Anniversary Letter

Following the release of Genshin Impact version 3.1: King Deshret and the Three Magi, developer HoYoverse shared a new video dedicated to Candace, one of the new characters introduced in the update and available in the currently running banners.

Titled Sea of Golden Sand, Candace collected miscellany lets players take a closer look at the kit of the sworn protector. Located on the edge of the Great Red Sand, Aaru Village is the last bastion of King Deshret’s descendants. Though the legend may fade, the village’s guardians will endure from generation to generation, protecting the descendants of the ancient kingdom.

Aaru villagers often say that Candace is the village’s strongest line of defense, just like that blessed shield of hers. But Candace knows that apart from being a useful weapon, there really is nothing special about her shield. What’s more important is the determination she puts in when the shield is raised.

Meanwhile, Genshin Impact is also celebrating its second anniversary with a number of in-game and web events that can give players extra primogems. Check out A Walk Through the Woods and Canvas of Starlight Memories for some chibi content and in-game prizes!

The devs have also released the Teyvat Adventures Commemorative video, showing some fun statistics of the community exploits in the game. You can find it below.

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