Seasons After Fall Reveals Console Release Date with New Trailer

Seasons After Fall is heading to both XBox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16th! To reveal more about the game, Swing Swing Submarine sent out a brand new trailer.

What is Seasons After Fall?

Developers describe the game as a “hand-drawn puzzle-adventure” game as well as packed with magic and nature. Players become a wild fox with the interesting ability to change the seasons at will. The soundtrack includes the music of a string quartet to set the scene and mood.

Each season not only changes the way the surroundings look but how things behave as well as opening up new paths.

Other features include:

  • solve puzzles with living creatures
  • freeze or grow the environment
  • explore and discover an unknown world
  • meet the divinities of the seasons
  • discover a dark story

Summon the power of Winter to freeze a lake solid, or call upon Spring to make trees and flowers grow. The world is yours to manipulate as you travel across forests, rivers, and caves, in order to unveil the secrets of this world and complete a sacred ritual. Each season is protected by a Guardian and it is up to you to master the seasons they grant you.

You can learn more in the trailer or by visiting the official site.

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