Genshin Impact Teases New Character: Kirara

Genshin Impact Teases New Character Kirara

Developer HoYoverse took to Twitter to share the drip marketing for the upcoming Dendro character Kirara, hailing from Inazuma’s Komaniya Express delivery company.

“She’s an adorable little nekomata. Just whisper ‘your gonna be late’ in her ear while she’s asleep, and she’ll spring right up and start dashing faster than General Gorou does on the battlefield.”

Here’s what we know about her: as mentioned above, Kirara is a nekomata, a cat-like youkai and an actual cat-girl unlike Dehya and Keqing. She wields Dendro Vision and her Constellation is Arcella. The devs also refer to her as the Cat Upon the Eaves and the Gold Level Courier of the Komaniya Express.

With the character banners already revealed for Genshin Impact Version 3.6, this cat will not get out of the bag before Version 3.7, so manage your primogems accordingly! Stay tuned to learn more about the latest Dendro addition to the game once the devs are ready to share. And remember: nya~

Genshin Impact is also just about to receive the newest Version 3.6, containing a variety of goodies. Here’s the short overview:

  • New weapon & character banners;
  • New characters: Baizhu (5-star Dendro Catalyst) & Kaveh (4-star Dendro Claymore) arriving in Phase 2;
  • New 5-star weapon: Jadefall’s Splendor;
  • New Boss: Guardian of Apep’s Oasis;
  • 2 New Artifact sets: Nymph’s Dream & Vourukasha’s Glow;
  • New Area: Girdle of the Sands;
  • A set of new events, including the version’s flagman event Akademiya Extravaganza that will give players a chance to receive a free copy of 4-star Anemo Archer Faruzan.

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