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If you’re planning to get the sort of gaming setup that will be fit for hours of play, then don’t forget to plan beyond the bare essentials. While that top end GPU and audiophile headset are awesome, you’ll need a few real added extras that sometimes go overlooked. Here’s a reminder of some gaming den essentials, that you’ll need after you’ve grabbed the last PlayStation 5 on the shelf.




A gaming desk is an essential piece of furniture for any serious PC gamer. Not only do gaming desks provide the perfect surface to comfortably play on, but they also come with a range of features that can help improve your gaming experience. From increased desktop space and cable management solutions to improved build quality and style, getting a gaming desk can help make your gaming setup more efficient and enjoyable. Flexispot offers a range of different gaming desks that are designed to meet the needs of all types of gamers, from casual players to professional esports type. With their high-quality construction and modern design, these desks are sure to take your gaming setup to the next level. The team at Flexispot also have a bunch of items on sale during Easter that could save you hundreds of dollars. Whether it’s the Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) that we scored at 8.5/10 in our review, or the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk, or FlexiSpot Odin 4-Leg Standing Desk (E7Q) you can build the core of your new gaming space from here.

The sleek, professional design of Flexispot's Ergonomic Pro Chair.

The sleek, professional design of Flexispot’s Ergonomic Pro Chair.

You’ll need somewhere to rest during long raids, even with a standing desk, and gaming chairs are more than a noisy knock off these days. Gaming chairs come in different styles and materials such as fabric, pleather, mesh, and more. They incorporate adjustable supports, arms rests, and recline settings so that you can find the most comfortable position for yourself. This makes them even more comfortable than regular fold down offerings I might have had way back in the past. We covered a great number of these, and you can check out the BS9 AND Flexispot OC14 on Gamesapce.



shelves lit up using segmented rgb control - Govee LED Strip Light M1


When setting up your gaming rig, you could grab a desk lamp, but that lacks a certain ambiance. RGB office lighting is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to add a personal touch to their setup. With the help of RGB light strips, monitor backlighting, smart bulbs, and more, you can give your real-life surroundings a unique look and feel. Not only can you adjust the brightness and color of your lighting, but you can also sync it with gaming, music or even your monitor lighting using products like the impressive Govee AI and AOC’s LoL display. Addressable RGB is also becoming increasingly popular for those who want to customize their lighting with maximum flexibility and precision using software like Razer Chroma or even Windows 11. Keep a portion of your budget at hand for lighting and bring the game world into your own front room.


storage cabinet

If you’re an avid gamer, having the right storage for your gaming console, peripherals, and games in your gaming den can make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. Not only does it keep everything organized and easy to find, but it also prevents you from losing track of important items. With the proper storage solutions such as shelves, peg boards, and charging stands, you can keep your gaming area neat and tidy while ensuring that all of your gaming items are within reach. Investing in the right kind of storage will not only make your gaming area look great but also give you peace of mind knowing that all of your equipment is safely stored away. Whether that means grabbing some of the ROG branded peg boards to hang your headset on or just building a Kallax, remember you’ll need some room for that library of games.


apc gaming ups connected to a computer

Are you worried about the safety of your expensive electronics are building out that new rig and managing not to bend the pins? You probably should be concerned about the risk of a power surge frying your PC or console in your new gaming den. Investing a small sum in a surge protector is a must for your own peace of mind all round. A surge protector is an essential device that provides protection from dangerous voltage spikes that can electrify and damage your electronics. It works by monitoring the mains voltages and blocking any excess electricity before it reaches your devices. With a surge protector, you can rest assured that your valuable electronics are protected from any unexpected power surges. Whether it’s for your computer, consoles, or stellar 4K display, it’s worth shelling out the cost of a controller or two to avert disaster. You can check out more about  why you should consider a UPS here.


While there’s still plenty of room to re arrange your favorite gaming mech int he background or grab the perfect mic, we hope this list gives you something else to think about when building the best gaming den.

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