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Gaming Chairs

8 Factors You Must Consider Before Purchasing A Gaming Chair

Every gamer deserves a gaming chair. To make sure you get your money’s worth, review these eight buying factors for gaming chairs. We have all seen countless streamers and YouTubers sitting in t...

Gaming Chair

6 Reasons Why Every Gamer Should Buy a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have become a popular product in the gaming industry. They have been improved over time to make them more comfortable than ever before. Most of them are designed to be ergonomic and rela...

Gaming Chair

How to Clean a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have basically been designed for a soothing and elite gaming experience. Fans of gaming usually spend multiple hours being immersed in their games. Owning a gaming chair actually makes a...

Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chairs for Big & Tall Gamers

Have you outgrown your gaming chair and now struggling to fit in? Most likely, it is the reason you are on this page. You want that chair, which could one again accommodate your increased height or bo...


PRESS RELEASE: Secretlab announces Dark Knight-edition gaming chairs

    UNITED STATES, APRIL 11​—International gaming chair maker Secretlab, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC, today announced a co-branded Dark Knight-edition Secretl...

E-WIN Champion Series Racing Chair

E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

It wasn’t all that long ago that Steve took a look at one of E-Win’s Champion Series PC gaming chairs and now, I’m going back for a look at a slightly different version of the chair turned at least on...

Gaming:Chair Evo from snakebyte - blue

Snakebyte Unveil The Gaming:Chair Evo

Snakebyte, the German peripheral manufacturer that impressed us with their Game:Mouse Ultra, unveiled something new for your home office today. Butt, meet the new Gaming:Chair Evo. Announced just toda...

Cerebral Palsy

8 Ways Gaming Can Benefit People with Cerebral Palsy

It can sometimes be hard to find accessible games for people with disabilities, but there are benefits to playing video games for people with Cerebral Palsy. As a parent of someone, or person, with ce...

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