Genshin Impact Says Hello To Hu Tao Tomorrow

Genshin Impact is set to get a new arrival tomorrow as the latest banner brings Hu Tao out to adventure, but only if you’ve got some luck with you.

The latest banner for the smash hit online RPG Genshin impact lands on 2 march and fans of the fantasy game will get a new adventurer to add to their roster. If you;re lucky enough, or just whale hard, the arrival of the latest banner, following on from the 1.3 ‘All That Glitters’ update in February will add a rather odd new player character to the current roster. Named Hu Tao, this pole arm wielding warrior is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, and has something of a spooky side to her.

Fire Fighter

When guiding a few slimes to the afterlife, her basic attacks seem similar to Xiangling, with six consecutive attacks and a charged lunge available. The remaining skills on offer for Hu Tao include the Paramita Papilio state, allowing this fiery undertaker to bump up her attack based on her maximum HP. The Accompanying Spirit Smoother Elemental Burst summons a spooky companion that attacks enemies, dishing out pyro damage and regenerating HP for Hu Tao. Even at a first glance it does seem like Hu Tao is following on from the introduction of Xiao in January 2021 with another character that is likely to do very well in a solo situation. Bennett might be able to take a bit of a break here.

Alongside the new 5-star character banner, players will get the usual trail run, so more easy Primogems, and a story quest for rank 40 and above. There’s also current characters Xinqiu, Xiangling, and Chongyun on the upcoming banners providing a potential easy win for anybody like myself who is still trying to upgrade Liyue’s own chef. You can check out the brand new character demo trailer for Hu Tong and check out the new banner when it hits Genshin Impact tomorrow. If you’re brand new to all this banner action then you could do worse than checking out our early beginners guide to elemental synergy too.

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