Genshin Impact Patch 1.3 Arrives Next Week

Genshin Impact, the massive anime styled RPG from miHoYo, is set to get Patch 1.3 on 3 February.

Announced across blog, social media and with a brand new trailer, the latest patch to the hit online adventure is set to drop new content and yet another new character for players to whittle away their wallets on. Titled “All that glitters”, the latest instalment for Genshin Impact will introduce players to The Lantern Rite, a new seasonal adventure that ushers in the new year.

Based out of Liyue Harbor, the Lantern Rite is an age old tradition of the seafaring town. As players help with preparations for the upcoming festivities, there should be plenty of rewards on offer for the hard at work, including a free four-star Liyue character and as many as 1600 Primogems. Of course, preparation isn’t as simple as folding paper decorations. The Lantern Rite event, and the transformation of the town, is split into three distinct events with a final night of festivities on the horizon.

As expected, a helping hand never goes unrewarded. Alongside the hard toil, the new update should bring plenty of food, fun, and a brand new mini games. A new Theater Mechanicus adds a tower defence strategy game which you can play solo or with friends. Overcome the obstacles in this game to win Peace Talismans and spend the new currency on even more rewards.

While there’s a ton more to do in the latest update, anybody feeling up to pulling more gacha might be able to experience it alongside a brand new character too. Genshin Impact Patch 1.3 adds a new five-star character to the pool. Xiao, the Vigilant Yaksha, is a polearm wielding warrior who uses the power of Anemo to unleash increased damage at the cost of his own health.

I’m still busy levelling up my Ganyu pull from the last patch but if you’re ready to pull for the moon then there are only days to wait before Genshin Imapct’s Lantern Rites festival arrives in game.

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