Get Ready To Lock & Load Into Farlight 84

Lilith Games, the team behind AFK Area, just loaded up a trailer for their upcoming action shooter Farlight 84.

If you haven’t heard of Farlight 84 don’t be entirely surprised. This brand new look into Lilith Game’s new shooter is the first look we’ve had at this upcoming action fest. Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic future, you might expect a brooding badlands stolen straight out of Rage but check out the teaser trailer and you’ll find something that certainly owes a little bit more to the Fortnite side of this genre. Plunging players into a bright, if dangerous, future, Farlight 84 mixes intense gunplay mechanics with MOBA inspired elements as a few survivors find a way to shoot first across some expansive wastelands.

Don’t Meet The Locals

In order to overcome the odds and thrive among this new frontier, players will control powerful heroes in frantic 40-player battle royale matches, set across a range of battlegrounds. Each hero wields their own unique look, has a distinct playstyle, and comes packed with their own unique abilities. Like any good loot and shoot, you’ll be able to grab plenty fo different gear and there’s even the option of jumping in your very own vehicle to get around the map. Don’t worry if you can’t find the keys, there are multi-legged walkers, jetpacks, and even bouncing boards available if you can’t find four wheels.

Not everything is bad in the future, but we’ll save that for another time because the local population are all zombies now. The whole reason for searching out in the wild for resources is to head back to your homestead with hard-won building materials and flesh out your own refuge between battles. So prepare to nail the windows shut and aim for the head.

Frankly, we’re kind of amazed at how many games from Fallout to Fortnite, that Farlight 84 tips its hat to. With a knowing wink, it looks like it might be set to land with some real impact when it hits iOS, Android and PC in 2021. For more on Farlight 84, check out the official website now.

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