Fortnite Concurrent Players Peak 8.3 Million Worldwide

Fortnite Concurrent Players 8.3 Million

Epic Games’ Battle Royale Fortnite launched in Korea this week. A representative of Epic Games Korea, Sung Chul Park, participated in an interview where he stated that Fortnite now has 8.3 Million concurrent players worldwide.

VG247 has verified the number with a spokesperson from Epic Games. There have been no clarifications on what platforms were counted for the number.

Fortnite has recently seen a massive event with the explosion of the purple cube in a one-time event. At 12 pm CT, November 4, the cube began pulsing with a purple light and spinning at an increasing pace. The explosion had sucked players into a different dimension where they were greeted by butterflies.

Upon interacting with the butterflies, the players were scattered back around the normal map which now featured a new Leaky Lake with a giant rainbow overhead.

Check out Billerbrine’s video of the cube explosion:

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