God of War – Manifestation of The Revenant

Sony has released the latest of The Lost Pages of Norse Myth teasers, dedicated to the enemies Kratos and his son Atreus will meet on their journey. This time the book shows the Revenant, a creature twisted by the zealous devotion to Seidr magic.

Previously, the developers have shared visions of the raging undead Draugrs and Fire Trolls and their elemental powers.

God of War will release next year exclusively for PlayStation 4.  From Garrett Fuller’s “What We Loved About God of War”:

The story of a full-blown killing machine able to conquer amazing beasts and gods can get pretty dull. After years of amazing fight mechanics and epic battles, the new story of God of War immediately sucked us into the gameplay.  Having a son to train and living in the northern forests changes the tone of the game a lot. As a matter of fact, Kratos takes on a new weapon with his battle ax, a new look, and a much more fatherly tone.  He’s got a hipster beard, after all. Has he finally let go of his rage? We doubt it.

Game developers have stated that Kratos’ son Atreus is a big part of the story, as is the boy’s mother who the team will not talk about right now. This dynamic leads to a sense of discovery and connection for the player. You are fighting epic monsters but also looking over your shoulder at the kid. Gaming parents will relate heavily to this idea and it’s too bad God of War is not available for this Father’s Day. It also seems that Atreus is sometimes playable, in certain situations. This keeps him from being a nuisance the whole game. It’ll be more like The Last of Us, and less like Resident Evil 4.

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