Author: Garrett Fuller

Garrett is a writer for He cosplays as an orc, plays Horus Heresy on weekends. You can follow him on Twitter (when he uses it)


Earthfall: If Left 4 Dead was about Aliens, it would be this awesome game

We got the chance to sit down with the creators of Earthfall this past week as the team ran demos. This co-op survival game has been making waves on Steam. The team is flattered by the comparisons to ...


Headsnatchers Interview with CEO Cristian Gonzalez

Headsnatchers is a fun game designed to bring your dolls to life. In an action combat battle you’ll be able to collect heads and swap them out against opponents. The team has done a great job and we s...

Guacamelee 2

PAX East 2018 – Guacamelee 2 is awesome and we’ve played it

There are fun games and then there is Guacamelee. This platformer has one of the best themes ever, a Luchador wrestler who is a hero in a village. Juan, our luchador, fights undead in a jungle filled ...

Murderous Pursuits

PAX East 2018 – Killing time in Murderous Pursuits

Stealth, intrigue, and pure murderous fun is the best way to describe this game. Murderous Pursuits is a fantastic multiplayer game that lit up the floor at PAX. Imagine if Clue met Titantic and broug...


PAX East 2018 – Sky Noon is Read Dead Smash Bros, and it’s awesome

Sky Noon is a crazy high flying western game which brings in some of the best mechanics we saw at the show. We got the chance to talk to developers and sit down to demo the game on the floor against o...


PAX South Preview – Omensight

Spearhead Games is a growing RPG studio which has released several titles. We first met them when covering Stories: The Path of Destinies. This year at PAX South they were on hand again showing off th...

Seven: Days Long Gone

Seven: Days Long Gone Review

Playing a thief is never easy, but Seven: The Days Long Gone makes it fun. This new isometric RPG is packed with a few amazing elements one of the best is the deep dark story. Seven plays well but can...

8.5 Great

Overwatch League Los Angeles Valiant and Boston Uprising

This week we have seen two Overwatch League announcements. The first came from the Immortals who had the original L.A. spot announced back in July. The L.A. Valiant was announced as the team name unde...

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