Godfall – New Blog Post Details Combat

Godfall - New Blog Post Details Combat

Following the debut of a combat trailer, the developers from Counterplay Games have taken to the official site to share a new blog post. In it, the team outlines a number of ways to approach and defeat enemies in Godfall such as exploiting Weakpoints.

Targeting the Weakpoints. An enemy’s Weakpoint will typically reveal itself after they attack, and there are also a few additional unique triggers for Weakpoints that you will find while you play. Once an enemy’s Weakpoint is revealed, you will need to aim for a direct hit to deal bonus damage. This system is aimed at rewarding players who approach the game with patience and accuracy.

Breaching an enemy. As you fight your way through the World of Aperion, you will come across heavily armored enemies. You will need to breach these enemies in order to do effective damage against them. The most effective way is to hit them with heavy attack and then follow up with light attacks. Once you fill up the enemy’s breach bar, the enemy will be stunned and become vulnerable to takedowns.

Finishing enemy with a soulshatter. As you deal damage to an enemy, you accumulate a bank of damage that can be consumed with a heavy attack (R2). If that bank of damage is larger than the enemy’s remaining health, you will soulshatter the enemy.

Utilizing Polarity Attacks. As you utilize both your weapons at your disposal, there is a bonus for players who swap their weapons mid-battle. Players can charge up a Polarity Attack by hitting enemies with their weapon. When fully charged, a weapon swap unleashes a shockwave that boosts your weapon’s damage by 20% for 30 seconds. The potential shockwave damage can be increased as you level up specific player attributes.

Offensive use of shields. Sure, you can use your shield for defense, but it is an equally capable offensive tool. In addition to utilizing shields for parrying, you can use Shield Throw, Stomach Punch, Flat Bash, Ground Slam and more.

Archon Mode. Archon Mode is the ultimate showcase of what your Valorplate can do. At a high level, you will fill up your archon bar as you fight enemies around you. Once completely full, press down on both analog sticks (L3+R3) to activate your Archon Mode. Alongside an ability (like summoning three allies to fight alongside of you), you will receive buffs that have triggers attached to them. Trigger those effects to immensely escalate your destruction potential.

The post also goes into great detail about various weapon types. Check out the official site to find out more.

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