Gothic Might Be Getting A Remake

Gothic is about to rise from the grave after 18 years of stone cold silence. Publisher THQ just unveiled a working prototype for a Gothic remake on Steam.

Over the weekend, fans of the long-standing franchise might have been a little excited to find some more substantial than a teaser trailer on Steam. THQ has pushed out a testbed for a yet unnamed Gothic rebuild project. The Prototype is more than a simple HD remaster, THQ Nordic is using the Unreal 4 engine to recreate Gothic’s world, and certainly less than a fully-fledged game. Players can pick up the demo now on Steam and it seems to be more than a simple promo piece. This potential new start for the series comes from THQ Nordic’s own Spanish development team and THQ Nordic has asked for fan feedback on the playthrough. It is quite clear that it is using the entire endeavor to gauge fan reception to the idea of a rebuild.

Back From The Grave

Originally crafted by Piranha Bytes back in 2001, Gothic is a fantasy-themed action RPG title that puts players in control of a faceless prisoner. After being thrown into a mining colony, the player must make a bid for escape, surviving the wilderness and navigating the politics of the world to free the enslaved from the shackles that bind them to their labor. The title earned cult status and spawned several sequels. Now players can jump back into this prison for a limited two hour play session. As you spend two hours in the mines that feed the Kingdom of Myrtana, you’ll explore this region, hunt wildlife, learn to craft, and experience Gothic all over again.

The new version of this Gothic remake is available for free to anybody that owns a game from Pirhana Bytes. This includes anybody with Gothic 1-3, Risen 1-3, or ELEX int heir Steam library. If you remember the experience from back in 2001, what do you think of this idea and are you all n for a remake? You can find out more about the Gothic remake over at the official Steam store page or on the THQ website now.



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