GreedFall 2 – Check Out Broadcast with Devs

The developers from Spiders have participated in a live broadcast to share some more details about the upcoming action RPG GreedFall 2. The events of the game start 3 years before the adventures of De Sardet. Much like its predecessor, GF2 will focus on the story and player choice. However, new gameplay opportunities await in the old world!

Check out the video above to see Creative Director and Founder of Spiders Jehanne and Community Manager JuJu discuss the game. They provide further insights into GreedFall 2: The Dying World, including details about the Early Access on Steam and what to expect from the game, all without revealing any spoilers.

The game will be available in Early Access this Summer, with a few phases to go through. It is very new for Spiders to be working on a sequel and to put it in Early Access. The world of GreedFall is huge, and there are a lot of stories to tell. The change in combat also would benefit from player feedback. Where De Sardet was accompanied by two companions who acted largely on their own, GF2 will let players control four characters at the same time in combat.

This is a non-linear adventure and, depending on who you side with, there are different outcomes and consequences. Several different endings are in. When it comes to the game, the one word to describe it would be “Discovery”. The team wanted to incorporate everything that the first game offered but with much more focus on exploration. It is still not an open world but rather large maps with plenty to discover on them.

Where the first game featured De Sardet exploring the island of Teer Fradee, GF2 will offer a reverse: an indigenous person discovering the continent of Gacane. It allows the devs to put players in the shoes of someone new to this world. Malichor is ravaging the continent, with the nations boggled down by constant wars and infighting. If you played the original GreedFall, you will see some familiar factions. However, there will also be new ones. Your future companions belong to these factions and might even leave over the disagreements regarding your actions. Of course, there will be romance options as well.

There is currently no official release date. The team will take the time to implement content and act on player feedback while the game is in Steam Early Access.

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