Guild Wars turns 15 And Gets An Anniversary Update

guild wars 15

Guild Wars, the precursor to ArenaNet’s hit MMORPG, just turned 15 years old today and the Seattle developer is celebrating with a new update and more.

We all knew this day was coming. At 15 years old Guild Wars is one of the longest-running online games out there and has outlived many of its competitors. The title, which is still active today, gets a whole host of updates to celebrate this momentous occasion, and players of the long-standing Tyrian adventure can jump in and check out the updates today. Heroes of old Tyria will find some new weapons to power their arsenal.

What’s New?

The Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith’s inventory has been reinforced with the Anniversary set, containing weapons with familiar looks but previously unavailable attribute requirements. In addition to the new weapons, players can grab a new Proof of Triumph. This relic will spawn an extra enemy group and boss in several end game maps. Each of the extra encounters opens up the opportunity to acquire a new PvE skill for each profession, just remember to bring a Signet of Capture. Each of these additions is available from the anniversary celebration at Embark Beach right now. In addition to the in game festivities, Guild Wars is celebrating with free gifts in the Guild Wars 2 Black Lion Trading Company, a range of Guild Wars store sales, and a special Anniversary Live Stream for fans of the very first Guild Wars.

Guild Wars might be in the midst of its troubled teenage years but for an online video game, it certainly qualifies as old school. The online RPG originally launched back in 2005 and was published by MMO giant NCSoft. It was followed by a total of four expansion packs, culminating in the Eye of the North expansion in 2007. Since then the game has maintained a presence on the ArenaNet servers, only moving over to cloud hosting after gremlins got in the works over in the Seattle home of the game. If you haven’t checked out the story before Tyria took on Zhaitan then you can watch the celebratory live stream when it begins on 28 April at 7:00 p.m. UTC (noon Pacific Time). head over to the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel or keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming chat with the team that made the Guild Wars 15th Anniversary all possible.


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