Highly Debated Topics About Gaming

Gaming Topics

The gaming world has changed over the years. It has become a place full of possibilities and interesting ways to pass the time. And while people may have different tastes in video games and consoles, a lot of controversies have surfaced about how gaming influences people and our society as a whole.

We’ve come up with some of the most debated topics about gaming that a lot of people still talk about to this day. Check them out!

Violence and How Gaming Promotes It

This is probably one of the most talked-about topics about many of the games we see today. The topic has even reached government officials, where some laws were changed regarding the extent of violence that games are allowed to incorporate. Violence has become something that a lot of people sadly enjoy. The gaming enthusiasts at IndieGamemag Reviews state that there are a series of games that push the limits beyond what’s right and wrong; some games allow you to use guns, shoot people at will, steal cars, and commandeer police vehicles while harming the officers in-game. However, these games have an Adult rating for a reason, so only adults over eighteen, and never underage children, should be exposed to it. Many people still argue that games are the root cause of violence in children, but that has not proven to be the case.

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Profanities, Nudity, and Sexual Content

Another heated debate among millions of people worldwide is how some of the games available today have a lot of explicit language, nude characters or images, and sexual situations that may be very offensive to certain audiences in some regions. Many people bring this issue up when it comes to some of the abundance of mature content in video games, believing that this is immoral and that it promotes objectifying women.

Part of the debate is that such video games are unsuitable for children; however, it’s a parent’s job to make sure the games that their children play are free from suggestive or explicit images. It’s been agreed upon, that every aspect of entertainment may have some sexual themes or slurs, and that the gaming world is no different.

Micro-Transactions and Game Shops

A lot of gamers hate the fact that a large percentage of games have the pay-to-play mentality, which has divided the community as a whole, as some believe that it’s unfair for someone to be able to afford to play, while others may not have the funds to enjoy this common form of entertainment. Also, some games tend to sell cosmetic items and upgrades to users for very expensive prices, which is something that has made a lot of gamers feel like they need to have massive funds to enjoy the full experience.

Despite what some people may believe, video games aren’t the root cause of real-world problems. One needs to understand that parental guidance and upbringing is what makes people who they are. Not to mention that a person’s state of mind and mental stability is what affects their tendency to be violent. These games have a rating system for a reason, and that’s to make sure that underage children aren’t exposed to profanities.

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