Hitman III Names the Next Elusive Target

IO Interactive has good news for budding assassins in Hitman III. The next Elusive Target has been named as part of the Season of Greed. All players will be able to track down Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, a crooked politician. This includes owners of the full game and those who play via the Free Starter Pack. This Elusive Target event is running from now through May 3rd. Players will have to be wily and precise as they only get one chance to fulfill the contract.

The Seven Deadly Sins DLC has arrived as a new 7-part premium expansion. Act 1: Greed is available now and invites players to Dubai to indulge in a new 3-stage Escalation: The Greed Enumeration and unlock sin-themed rewards… How greedy are you feeling?

IO developers are prepping the next major patch for the game. The Season of Sin is expected to launch on May 10th and will set the stage for new content, improvements, tweaks, and fixes to the game.

You can check out all of the details about this week’s event by heading over to the Hitman III official site to learn more.

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