Honkai: Star Rail Kicks Off Another Planar Fissure Event (October 2023)

Honkai Star Rail Kicks Off Another Planar Fissure Event

Developer HoYoverse gives players an extra chance to gather those HP/DEF planar relics in Honkai: Star Rail. The game is about to kick off the latest Planar Fissure event that gives Trailblazers double drops!

While the event is active, players get double rewards from immersion devices in the Simulated Universe. The additional rewards appear on top of default drops after consuming an event double reward opportunity and Immersifiers (or Trailblaze Power).

The number of daily double reward opportunities is limited and can be viewed in the Planar Fissure event page. The count will not reset during the event. Be sure to schedule your time for this challenge accordingly. Note that grabbing enough points for your weekly clear also provides free Immersifiers – save some for Monday!

  • When: October 20 – October 27;
  • Requirements: Unlock Simulated Universe World 3.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently going through the first phase of Version 1.4 with all of its additions: new characters, zones, events and more. The game also arrived on PlayStation 5, welcoming new Trailblazers to this journey among the stars.


  • 5-star character: Jingliu (Ice Destruction)
  • 4-star characters: Tingyun, Sampo, Qingque
  • 5-star weapon: I Shall Be My Own Sword (Destuction)
  • 4-star weapons: Make the World Clamor (Erudition), Eyes of the Prey (Nihility), Memories of the Past (Harmony)


  • 5-star characters: Topaz & Numby (Fire Hunt) & Seele (Quantum Hunt)
  • 4-star characters: Guinaifen (new!), Luka, Sushang
  • 5-star weapons: Worrisome, Blissful (Hunt) & In The Night (Hunt)
  • 4-star weapons: Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (Nihility), Only Silence Remains (Hunt), The Moles Welcome You (Destruction)

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