How to Find a Trustworthy Site for Online Games

Online Gaming

As you probably already know, the internet can be a treacherous place. There is no shortage of scam artists out there, many of whom are using increasingly sophisticated methods to trick people into handing over their hard-earned cash.

Such skulduggery exists across all industries, but gamers should pay special attention to trustworthiness when it comes to online gaming. Online games of all stripes may be growing increasingly popular, but so too is the popularity of bogus sites and bad actors looking to fleece unsuspecting gamers.

Caution is especially advised if you are looking to play some-real money online games, such as casino games. The market for digital slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette is growing exponentially, which means that the number of dubious actors trying to cash in on that popularity is also growing. Here are some tips for ensuring you can find a trustworthy site for your online gaming.

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1. Stick with Well-Known Platforms

While you may have a penchant for under-the-radar indie games, the safest thing you can do is opt for well-known, established gaming platforms. Rather than choosing to play games on sites you have never heard of, with uncommon domain names such as ‘.xyz’ or ‘.shop’, opt for sites that you instantly recognize and that you know already enjoy a large and widespread customer base.

2. Consult Review Sites

The next best thing you can do when opting for an online gaming platform is to consult review sites. Say you’re trying to find an online casino site to access bonuses for slots and poker. Instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, you can consult detailed review sites such as Casinospiller, which includes information from industry pros who know exactly what a trustworthy casino looks like. If a casino is worth playing, it will feature on the big review sites.

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3. Assess the Quality

Beyond just consulting reviewers and industry experts, you can also perform some on-the-spot checks to look out for signs that a particular site or platform might not be worth using. There are plenty of red flags to keep an eye out for. Poor spelling and grammar are one, as is an abundance of dubious-looking links on the landing page. Look out for the payment methods an online casino claims to accept – if they only accept some niche payment solution you’ve never heard of, you should avoid them. Keep an eye out for aggressive pop-ups or marketing messages, as these are also signs of a dodgy site.

4. Read Those Terms & Conditions

While reading the full terms and conditions can often be a tedious undertaking, you should always try to find out the terms a casino or gaming site offers for certain areas. Make sure to check what you’re signing up for in terms of data access, particularly with a mobile gaming app. Some dubious apps will ask your consent to access all of your phone’s data and make changes to your existing apps when you download it, so always read the T&Cs before consenting to anything. Also, look for a casino’s payout terms and deposit requirements before signing up.

With these simple words of wisdom, you will be able to enjoy a safe and trouble-free gaming experience.


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