Infliction: Extended Cut Out On Nintendo Switch

Infliction: Extended Cut, the psychological horror title from Blowfish Studios, just got an Extended cut on Nintendo Switch.

Set in the seemingly serene suburbs of middle class dreams, Infliction: Extended Cut is bringing its own brand of psychological horror to Nintendo Switch. An enhanced version of the original Infliction launch, from back in 2018, this title joins Infliction: Extended cut on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Available right now, the new extended version of this title puts players in the midst of an interactive nightmare set within the confines of a once-happy household.

You’ll have to piece together the tragedy behind a harrowing set of events while fighting to survive encounters with an entity that seems to be standing in the way of the truth. As players make their way through Infliction, they will explore a once happy home that seems to be riddled with grief. The unnerving atmosphere plays host to a range of heartbreaking secrets and hidden messages. Artwork, household objects, and other elements of normal life hold the key to unlocking the secrets hidden in this home.

Infliction merges a story driven approach to horror with a series of mysteries and an atmosphere designed to keep players on edge. The newest version of Infliction is now ready to take on using Nintendo’s handheld hybrid in EU and US eShop stores. You can check out the spooky atmosphere in the trailer above or head over and grab Infliction: Extended Cut now. Infliction’s base game is also available on PC, via Steam.


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