It’s Nearly Time to Play with All the Pets in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Pet Ranch

Amazon Games has announced that Lost Ark will receive the keenly anticipated Under the Arkesian Sun update on August 24th. Among other smaller game improvements, players will also find the brand new Pet Ranch system, a new horizontal progression system that allows them to play with all of their battle pets.

In the Pet Ranch, your Pets are training to become stronger while generating valuable resources. Pets earn Pet Expertise to level up, while producing Jam Cookies you can exchange for rewards. But Pets can’t continue to earn Expertise and produce Jam Cookies without some well-deserved breaks. To balance your Pet’s morale, the Pet Ranch is separated into two sections; the Cookie Workshop and the Ranch.

Once pets have reached Legendary status, they receive one of five randomly unlocked Pet Skills that buff players as they proceed through the game.

  • Cheers of the Heart that can help recover HP or provide a Shield
  • Cheers of Serenity that provides a shield, helps recover HP, or reduces the cooldown of Movement and Stand Up skills
  • Cheers of Heaven provides a shield, helps recover HP, or increases Attack Speed
  • Cheers of Courage provides a shield, helps recover HP, or increases Movement Speed
  • Cheers of Resonance provides a shield, helps recover HP, or offers a 20% chance of Specialty Meter gain

Want to learn more? Check out the Lost Ark official site.

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