Jagged Alliance 3 – Check Out the Latest Trailer ‘Wider Picture’

Developer Haemimont Games and publisher THQ Nordic have shared the latest trailer for the upcoming tactical game Jagged Alliance 3. Titled ‘Wider Picture’, it gives viewers a glimpse at gameplay including the new Satellite View that lets you take control of an open world.

In Jagged Alliance 3, Grand Chien, a nation of rich natural resources and deep political divides, is thrown into chaos when the elected president goes missing and a paramilitary force known as “The Legion” seizes control of the countryside. Select from a huge cast of mercenaries all with their own unique personalities, quirks, and backstories. Then go out and explore Grand Chien as you meet new people, earn money, grow your team, and ultimately make your own decisions that will decide the country’s fate.

Much like its notable predecessors, Jagged Alliance 3 lets players hire mercs and split them into squads, trail militia, maintain your equipment lest it goes out of order at the least opportune moment and manage your finances. You don’t want to run out of cash when it’s time to pay up your people’s salaries!

Jagged Alliance 3 is coming to PC on July 14th. The developers have also announced that pre-orders are live now. In case you are wondering what the pre-orders are all about: purchasers will receive 20% discount and that’s it. No skins, extra weapons or Early Access.

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