Total War: Rome Remastered Announced by SEGA

In a move sure to thrill strategy game fans, SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced Total War: Rome Remastered. The best part is that it’s coming sooner than people think: April 29th. Thanks to a collaboration with Feral Interactive, the game is ready to roll and will allow players to “relive the legacy that defined the award-winning strategy game series thanks to visual and gameplay improvements”. To showcase some of what players can expect with the Remaster, SEGA released a brand new trailer.

The most notable features of the remaster include:

  • Improved visuals including full 4K support, native support for ultra high-def resolution, and overhauled environment/battlefield/character models
  • New gameplay content including 16 previously unplayable factions
  • Modern features including tactical and heat maps, and icon overlays
  • Reworked existing features such as the diplomacy system, wider camera zoom, and camera rotation
  • Improved help systems including a reworked tutorial, an in-game Wiki, more tooltips and advice, and improved accessibility
  • Cross-platform multiplayer between PC, Mac, and Linux
  • The inclusion of all previously released content

Learn more about Total War: Rome Remastered by visiting the official site.

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