Big List of Improvements Coming to Bless Unleashed PC

Bless Unleashed

The PC version of Bless Unleashed will be getting a host of improvements ahead of the start of closed beta two currently slated for January 15, 2021. The team has been keeping the community informed about its progress addressing concerns that arose during the first round of beta testing. The latest MMORPG blog has been posted to the Steam page with another in the pipeline for December 18th.

Here are the major areas where players will see the most significant changes:

  • Mouse usability will allow for faster menu navigation, the ability to skip cutscenes, etc.
  • Chat window UI/UX improvements including a global/region chat window and other quality of life improvements.
  • UI/UX convenience options

Check out the full blog on the Bless Unleashed PC Steam page.

About Bless Unleashed

Explore the massive and lively world with your allies and friends. Or embark on an epic adventure alone and push your limits. From the weapons you wield to the skills you unlock, you have full control of your character’s development and actions. Every choice you make in the world of Bless will shape your story. So forge your destiny and make your adventure go down in history.

Vast and diverse landscapes teeming with life await you. From the peaceful and beautiful forests of the Ribus Federation to the treacherous Uncharted Regions, immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes. The more you explore, the more stories you’ll encounter and experience.

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